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Units are produced with scroll, digital, reciprocating various speed and screw compressors. Racks could be used in commercial or industrial refrigeration systems. Units could be made for low, medium or high temperature applications. To satisfy customer needs, racks could be assembled on different type of frames or housings:

  • AU - welded frame, bended profile. Advantages: compact and light weight; possible 2-floor design;
  • AB - assembled frame with cover. Advantages: compact and weather proof housing;
  • AS - welded frame, standard profile. Advantages: solid construction;
  • AR - assembled frame. Advantages: could be transformed for inside/outside installations.

Unit usually assembled in 2 floors. On one discharge line could work up to 4 different temperature range compressors. System could be assembled either with scroll either reciprocating compressors.

The other option is using CO2 as the only gas in supermarket systems. This needed a technology that is fundamentally different from conventional refrigeration plant: Transcritical compression. This type of refrigeration system has high energy efficiency Indicators and has GWP=1.

The most popular and efficient MT and LT refrigeration decision for supermarkets, designed for high and medium ambient temperature climate zones. Using low GWP refrigerants on MT side and natural refrigerants on a LT we can satisfy our customers needs according to capacity ranges and refrigerant diversity.



Refra production process

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