Galaxy šaldymo mašinos

Unit description

Air cooled chillers are designed to absorb the building heat using chilled water or chilled water and antifreeze mixtures and reject it to the ambient air using air cooled condenser. Galaxy series air cooled chillers are made for medium-large size commercial, industrial air conditioning or process cooling needs. These units could be connected to huge mount of room fan coil system, terminals, air handling units or proces cooling equipment.

Our units are equiped with latest model Scroll compressors made specialy for air cooled chiller systems on R410A refrigerant. Galaxy series units are equiped with highest quality copper tube and aliuminium fins condensers. When HyBlade axial fans are used it gives superior heat utilization level.

Air cooled chillers are all-in-one built package installs quickly and easily on the ground or the rooftop. The optional hydronic module is already built in - this cost less and saves space than installing individually.

Basic unit equipment:

  • Scroll compressors with crankcase heater
  • R410A system charge
  • Cartrige pressostats on HP/LP lines for each circuit Filter drier with replaceble core, moisture indicator and shut-off valves on liquid line
  • Thermostatic expansion valve (TEV)
  • Solenoid valve on liquid line (SV)
  • Copper aliuminium finned condensers with AC axial fans
  • High/Low pressure side gauges
  • Polymer powder coated steel frame with lifting hinges and rubber anti vibration mounts
  • Electrical board includes: controller, main switch, phase rotation and phase loss monitoring, relay, compressor/fan overload relays, contactor, transformer

Additional options:

  • Compressor compartment housing
  • Desuperheater
  • Hight/low lift hydronic module: single or double circulating pumps, removable screen filter, embrane expansion tank, air release valve, safety relief valve, drain pan, shut-off valves
  • Fan speed controler
  • Electronically commutated fans
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Winter set for opperaiting down to -10oC temperature

Technical data

Principal hydronic module diagram

Hydronic module technical data