Light komerciniai

Light commercial series air conditioners


Features and benefits:

  • Heavy gauge steel cabinet
  • Sound levels down to 56 DB
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Double ambient temperature sensor design makes a precision temperature monitoring
  • Low start-up current thanks to power delay control design
  • Higher efficiency thanks to sine wave DC inverter compressor control
  • High reliability and easy maintenance thanks to one piece integrated PCB board
  • With ice-melting function

REFRA Inverter Heat Pump is the next generation of outdoor climate control technology. REFRA LIGHT COMMERCIAL SERIES is a kind of split type air conditioner that the outdoor unit can be connected to different types of indoor units (ducted, cassette and floor ceiling type), which can meet various indoor decoration requirements or residential and light commercial locations. The Super Inverter Series is designed with high efficient and environmental friendly refrigerant (R410A).

These environmentally friendly, energy efficient units come in various sizes to match a wide range of climate control challenges. The Inverter Heat Pump reduces outdoor noise down to a hushed 56 decibels while delivering powerful and efficient performance. It also eliminates the outdated stop-start methods of the typical fixed speed outdoor unit. R410A refrigerant makes REFRA Inverter Heat Pump the green option for today’s business owner. The impressive range and capabilities of Inverter Heat Pump’s technology, and its variable speed compressor provide powerful and stable climate control for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Duct type indoor unit

Compact and powerful, the REFRA Concealed Duct indoor units offer the ultimate in flexibility and discretion. These slim indoor units are designed to be concealed above suspended ceilings or within open closet spaces to deliver conditioned air via ducting and suitable ceiling or wall grilles. This arrangement provides immense flexibility, in terms of both the distribution of conditioned air and the type of grille or diffuser that best compliments the room‘s styling. Each unit comes with an easy to operate wall mounted tether controller.


Cassette type

REFRA‘s Ceiling Cassette will inconspicuously provide quiet performance through innovative design. The Ceiling Cassette is extremely suitable for any room, and can be easy installed in suspended ceilings with only a discreet decorative discharge grille visible. REFRA‘s fan technology quietly and evenly distributes conditioned air throughout the room, and an internal condensate pump reliably disposes condensate water to a safe location. The Ceiling Cassette is ideal for light commercial applications which require comfort control in large, open spaces. Each Ceiling Cassette can be operated by an infrared remote control or wired tether controller, allowing maximum flexibility for any application.

Floor ceiling type

REFRA‘s Universal Floor/Ceiling indoor units are designed to be suspended from a ceiling or mounted low on a wall. The slender and lightweight design is perfect for restaurants or hallways where wall space is limited. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the Universal Floor/ Ceiling units are a great fit beneath windows, in public or light commercial applications. Each unit can be operated by an infrared remote control or wired tether controller to allow maximum flexibility in any application.