VRF Sistemos

Benefits for USERS:

  • Livable environment creator
  • Excellent in EER nd COP
  • Oustanding comfort ability
  • Wide operating range
  • Improvements to reduce noise
  • Low noise fan blade
  • Silent mode, night time noise control
  • Anti-snow function
  • All outdoor units cycle operation
  • Intelligent defrosting program
  • Emergincy stop operation function
  • Flexible for all kinds of rooms
  • Environment friendly

Benefits fos INSTALLERS:

  • 4 units combinations
  • Adjustable outdoor fan external static pressure
  • Automatic addressing
  • Adressing methods
  • LED display on the PCB
  • Service window on the electric control box
  • Mode restruction
  • Oil control technology
  • 3-Phase power protector
  • Easy for transportation
  • Long pipe and height difference
  • Use 2-core shielded wire as signal wire