Отопление линия

JSC „Refra“ produce wide range of buffer tanks specifically designed for heating systems where no special conditions are needed for the water inside the tank.

Buffer tanks are generally used for fluid systems where it is needed to store and supply low or high temperature liquids in the interval from -10⁰C till +95⁰C (water from +1⁰C till +95⁰C). Direct heating/chilling is used as heat source or chiller is connected directly to the buffer tank and after accumulation directly provided to the consumer. Consumers are usually considered as room heaters, floor heating pipes and similar appliances.

Buffer tanks for heating lines are made from carbon steel as no special conditions for the liquid are needed. Buffer tank in heating/cooling system allows having significant saving in power usage, because differently from direct heating, the heat source do not have to work continually – at the moment buffer tank reaches the need temperature, it automatically turns off.

JSC „Refra“ can provide vertical or horizontal storage tanks.

Possible range:

Volume Diameter, D Height, H
Litres mm mm
200 650 900
300 1200
400 1500
500 1800
600 2100
400 850 1050
500 1200
600 1400
800 1750
1000 2100
800 1100 1200
1000 1400
1200 1600
1400 1800
1500 1960
1600 2050
1800 2250
2000 2420