Chillers are used in a variety of applications where chilled liquid is circulated through the building to remove the unwanted heat from the premises and transfer it into the chilled liquid loop. Most often, these units are used for industrial and commercial applications to maintain constant temperature of various devices and equipment, as well as for air conditioning in buildings and factories. 

Depending on the principle of operation and heat dissipation, chillers can be divided into air cooled, liquid cooled and condenserless models. Liquid cooled chillers are usually located indoors and use cooling towers or  drycoolers, while air cooled chillers are installed outdoors because they need access to a lot of fresh air in order to reject unwanted heat from the building. Condenserless chillers are divided with evaporator and compressor being installed indoors while the remote air cooled condenser is installed outdoors. Such type is needed to meet special project requirements.

Chiller systems differ mostly in size and design, so there are many types of chillers depending on the required temperature or application. Refra produces exceptionally unique chillers, fully tailored to the needs of the customer.

GREEN SOLUTIONS | To reduce environmental pollution, Refra has developed and released modern propane chillers. All listed chillers can be manufactured using natural refrigerants such as R290, R1270 or R744.

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