CF Grand Chiller

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Extra large capacity air-cooled chillers with the cooling power of 120 kW to 1400 kW are designed for immense industrial and commercial buildings with high-power demand. CF series chillers are able to provide the highest cooling capacity of all the chillers produced by Refra. The intricate design of the open frame makes it possible to produce a unit with extremely powerful, high-quality parts. 

These units can be assembled with a built-in hydraulic module, as well as additional free cooling (possible with hybrid coils) or heat recovery options. Exposed frame construction and special perforated doors provide greater air movement and absorption, so the chiller can operate at high capacity without interruption. Two to four circuits can be added to ensure continuous system operation in case of emergency – if one circuit is damaged, the others can still use the remaining unit capacity to service the end user.

Refra manufactures modern devices using plug-and-play ideology, making the installation and use of the devices as easy as possible. In this case, the customer can start using the device quickly and easily after installation. 

Open frame construction can be assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, finned tube heat exchanger and scroll, screw or reciprocating compressors. When a screw compressor is selected, an additional oil cooling system can be installed to eliminate extra costs associated with it. The galvanized steel and powder coated frame ensures proper protection of the internal unit construction. An additional insulation box can be added to reduce compressor noise to obtain silent operation.

Read about more options in the brochure. 

Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.