CF Grand Module

­čŹâ Natural refrigerants available! #R290 #R1270 #R744
­čîŹ Choose propane or propylene and contribute to the environment!


Free cooling system consists of a heat exchanger that cools down glycol mixture by using low temperature ambient air. When outdoor temperatures are lower relative to indoor temperatures, the system utilizes the cool outdoor air as a free cooling source. These energy-efficient units are perfect for industrial refrigeration or air conditioning processes, as they help to reduce mechanical energy consumption up to 80% and reduce maintenance costs as well as environmental impact.

Open frame construction can be assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, finned tube heat exchanger, 3-way valve and circulation pump. The galvanized steel and powder coated frame ensures proper protection of the internal unit construction.

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Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.