CI Small Chiller

­čŹâ Natural refrigerants available! #R290 #R1270 #R744
­čîŹ Choose propane or propylene and contribute to the environment!


Small capacity air-cooled chillers with the cooling power from 20 kW to 60 kW are perfectly suitable for particularly small commercial applications. CI series chillers are a great choice when low power is required, using the smallest possible frame in order to save space. Air-cooled units are among the most popular when choosing chiller systems, making it a well-crafted product that can meet the regular needs of the customer.

Refra manufactures modern devices using plug-and-play ideology, making the installation and use of the devices as easy as possible. In this case, the customer can start using the device quickly and easily after installment.
Ultra-compact frame construction is assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, scroll or reciprocating compressors and a finned tube or microchannel condenser. The galvanized steel and powder coated frame with a reliable insulation material ensures proper unit protection and noise reduction. An additional 30 mm rock wool material can be supplemented for a super silent unit operation with double insulation.

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Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.