CO2 Cascade


CO2 Cascade units are perfectly suited for high temperature climate. This system consists of two refrigeration systems connected via heat exchanger, where one evaporates, the other condenses. Such combination provides either low temperature refrigeration or both: low and medium temperature refrigeration with different refrigerants. Low temperature units can be designed with CO2 and a flooded system to ensure better heat exchange, while medium temperature units obtain a truly cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution when produced with HFC and HC refrigerants. At high ambient temperatures, conventional refrigeration systems require a large amount of energy, whilst propane works perfectly in such conditions.

GREEN SOLUTIONS | This unit is a part of Refra‘s environmentally friendly product group, as it is made using natural refrigerants. Such low GWP solutions are designed to have better efficiencies and capacities, as well as less environmental damage.

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Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.