CO2 Galaxy


CO2 Galaxy units are among the most versatile racks in the transcritical system. Designed on a V-shaped frame, these systems offer a wide power range. Created for industrial applications, the power of these units can reach up to 800 kW.

Due to the wide range of assembly options, the CO2 Galaxy rack comes with an integrated gas cooler. This simplifies installation and equipment selection work and reduces overall costs of the project. Special modular assembly system provides extensive power selection options and the ability to integrate a wide range of useful solutions such as a built-in hydraulic module, additional water storage tanks or heat recovery options.

Comprehensive modular frame construction is assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, finned tube heat exchangers and reciprocating compressors. The galvanized steel and powder coated frame with a reliable insulation material ensures proper unit protection as well as noise reduction and can be produced up to 13 meters in length. An additional 50 mm rock wool material can be supplemented for a super silent unit operation with double insulation.

GREEN SOLUTIONS | This unit is a part of Refra‘s environmentally friendly product group, as it is made using CO2 refrigerant. Such low GWP solutions are designed to have better efficiencies and capacities, as well as less environmental damage.

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Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.