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Medium power range reversible heat pumps with the heating power from 50 kW to 180 kW are designed for commercial and industrial buildings with low to medium power demand. Manufactured using R290 refrigerant only and full-inverter technology the units are a part of the extremely economical and environmentally friendly Refra product line. These pumps can be used for heating purposes at ambient temperature of -15°or higher as well as for cooling purposes with the capacity of 35 kW to 126 kW. This dual solution is very efficient in terms of price, installation and space, as there is no need to install two separate systems.

One of the main advantages of this unit is the possibility to add two circuits, which will provide maximum operational safety by ensuring continuous system operation in case of emergency. If one circuit is damaged, the other can still use 50% of unit’s capacity to service the end user. 

Compact frame construction is assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, finned tube heat exchangers and scroll or reciprocating compressors. To ensure proper defrosting process the frame has special water drain gutters with electric heating cables. This solution helps avoid additional platform placement costs as you can install the unit directly on the ground. CH galvanized steel and powder coated frame with a reliable insulation material ensures proper unit protection and noise reduction. An additional 50 mm rock wool material can be supplemented for a super silent unit operation with double insulation.

Refra manufactures modern devices using plug-and-play ideology, making the installation and use of the devices as easy as possible. In this case, the customer can start using the device quickly and easily after installment.

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Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.