For Waterloop systems


Refra manufactures pump stations for waterloop systems with the cooling capacity from 30 kw to 250 kW. These systems produce distributed cooling at different temperatures with a single condensing water loop. Together with Refra pump stations, the system creates a fully integrated refrigeration technology that eliminates the need for complex refrigeration systems and greatly simplifies installation work.

Built on a super slim assembled galvanized steel frame with powder coating. Standard selection includes single or dual pump with inverter, glycol tank with filling pump, shut-off valves, control board with controller and necessary control sensors as well as a three-way valve, manometers and a coarse cleaning filter.

Extra features, such as emergency heat exchanger with full controls or bubble filter separator  can be combined. An additional heat recovery pump can also be added to extract maximum efficiency from the system. It will use the rejected heat for other heating purposes in the building. The pump station can also be equipped with a dry cooler in one frame.

Read about more options in the brochure. 

Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.