Heat recovery systems


Refra buffer tanks with an integrated heat recovery are an innovative and highly cost-effective systems that are rapidly gaining popularity in commercial sector. A special buffer tank with a built-in double wall heat exchangers acts as an intermediary to collect and utilize excess heat. This system is characterized by the fact that it allows the heat generated by the operation of the refrigeration equipment to be used for other heating purposes in the same building. By installing one system, the customer gets heating and cooling at once, as well as huge savings in energy and equipment costs.

These tanks are available with an anti-legionella kit, which prevents the spread of bacteria and is therefore particularly important for domestic water systems. A special 6 or 9 kW electric element can be added for additional water heating that will heat the water in the tank to the required temperature. 

With the possible 300-3000 liters capacity and 6 to 10 bar pressure, these tanks combine hot water storage for both heating support and domestic water heating. The tank is made of carbon S235JR or 304/316L stainless steel, externally insulated with an additional (50-100mm) layer of polyurethane and lined with a high-quality red dermatine fabric. Both vertical and horizontal tank positioning is possible together with threaded, flanged or victaulic joints. This model also has an additional inspection flange for convenient device repair.

Read about more options in the brochure. 

Please note, that these products can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.