Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient and effective way to provide heating and cooling in refrigeration systems because they can transfer heat from one place to another rather than generating it. This can help save energy and reduce operating costs. The units provide both heating and cooling functions by using a refrigerant to transfer heat energy.

In cooling mode, the heat pump works like a standard refrigeration system, using a compressor to compress the refrigerant, which then cools and removes heat from the premises. In heating mode, the heat pump operates in reverse, taking heat from the outside air and transferring it to the inside of the building. This is achieved by reversing the flow of the refrigerant and using a reversing valve to redirect it through the system.

GREEN SOLUTIONS | Refra reversible heat pumps are produced using only natural R290 refrigerant which has a very low GWP. Together with fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduced carbon footprint we provide you with the best ecological solution that contributes to a more sustainable future.