KWW (Galaxy) condensing units for medium/big size commercial/industrial refrigeration systems. Units can be equipped with different compressors connected in parallel as single circuit or several circuits. Unit features are design flexibility and wide variety of available options like oil & line components, different fans, completely closed compressor compartment, heat recovery that could be offered on request.

Basic unit equipment:

  • Scroll compressors with crankcase heater
  • Cartrige pressostats on HP/LP lines for each circuit
  • High/Low pressure side gauges
  • Pressure relief valves on each circuit
  • Copper aliuminium finned condensers with AC axial fans
  • Polymer powder coated steel frame with lifting hinges and rubber anti vibration mounts
  • Electrical board includes: main switch, phase rotation and phase loss monitoring, relay, compressor/fan overload relays,contactor, transformer

Additional options:

  • Compressor compartment housing
  • Check valve on condensing line
  • Fan speed controller
  • Shut-off valve on suction line
  • Shut-off valve on liquid line
  • Suction line filter drier
  • Electronically commutated fans
  • Desuperheater
  • Liquid receiver with rotalock valves and safety valve
  • Filter drier and moisture indicator
  • Shit-off valve on liquid lines
  • Low ambient temperature kit: condensation pressure regulator receiver pressure regulator, check valve on condensing line

Technical data

2 Circuits application example